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It was a working day that we will never ever forget. We were being invited to the 2024 GasGas Bikes Intercontinental Press launch in Italy, and it was no normal media start! As soon as we arrived, we were being achieved with a competition environment. Just about everywhere we looked, there have been Pro Riders and GasGas Model Ambassadors prepared to tests out the brand new 2024 GasGas line-up.

And then, the addresses were being lifted off the GasGas bikes, and a treasure was unveiled! Suitable before us, they blazed with fiery enjoyment! Before long just after, accompanied by the roaring sounds of two-stroke and four-stroke engines, Justin Barcia and Andrea Verona entered the scene! We all savored a food together and chatted about racing. Afterward, anyone was completely ready for the tests on the following day.


Just like the other associates of the relatives, the revamped GasGas products arrive with many enhancements and innovations. Here are the standout characteristics!

  • New frame –Engineered to be secure at pace although remaining very agile by means of limited and twisty trails, the new body amplifies the driving expertise for every person.
  • New aluminum subframe –Strong, trustworthy, and plays a crucial function in the ergonomics and handling of just about every bicycle.
  • New die-solid aluminum swingarm –Light, potent, and presenting just the right amount of flex!
  • New bodywork –Refined rider triangle provides greater call spots so riders can superior grip the bike for improved regulate. And of class, it’s all red!
  • WP XPLOR front fork with open cartridge –Undergoing lots of specialized variations to even further boost effectiveness and overall handling, the WP XPLOR forks are a tiny longer, assembled with new settings, and continue to be conveniently adjustable by hand.
  • WP XACT rear shock with rear linkage –Shorter and lighter nevertheless retaining 300mm of vacation, the WP XACT shock capabilities a new piston for enhanced consolation. And to make sure the shock action is often steady and progressive, all GASGAS enduro bikes are equipped with a linkage.
  • New solid triple clamps –Featuring a new steering stem that delivers a minor much more flex for improved comfort.
  • New Braktec brakes –With brake disks one of a kind to GASGAS and new calipers front and rear, it’s never been much easier to continue to keep matters beneath command in the woods.
  • Neken Handlebars –Made from substantial-toughness aluminum and with a bar bend one of a kind to GASGAS, longevity and convenience are assured although a greater bar pad enhances security.
  • New footpegs –Bigger is definitely far better when it will come to footpegs, which indicates the new GASGAS bikes present far better command in all ailments.
  • New Throttle Human body Injection with separate oil tank for 2 strokes –Bringing our two-stroke enduro filth bikes bang up to day, Throttle Human body Injection tends to make absolutely sure the motors operate clear, crisp, and generate sturdy power all through the rev array.
  • New digital exhaust command 2 strokes –Controlling how the exhaust ports open up, the new digital powervalve increases sturdiness whilst boosting torque.
  • New motors –Centralizing mass whilst also staying lighter, not to point out that they develop a lot more usable torque, the overall performance from each and every motor is even superior for 2024.
  • New, unified motor placement –All four-stroke versions have the motor mounted in the exact place to enhance the overall managing of just about every and each individual bike.
  • Map Pick out Switch –Take the riding experience of any of our 4 strokes to the subsequent degree with a Map Select Switch! Commonly obtainable as a Technological Accessory, with the uncomplicated push of the corresponding button, traction management, a quickshifter, and a selection of two maps can be engaged to customize the overall performance of each enduro bike. And by incorporating one particular to any of our 2-strokes, you will also get the decision of two diverse motor maps.

Entire line-up:EC 250, EC 300, EC 250F, EC 350F, EC 450F, EC 500F

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