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Enduro Glossary: Essential Terms and Slangs for Enduro and Hard Enduro Riders



Enduro Glossary: Essential Terms and Slangs for Enduro and Hard Enduro Riders


Are you new to the environment of enduro and really hard enduro? Or perhaps a seasoned rider wanting to brush up on your terminology? Our Enduro Glossary is listed here to provide an insight into the vital conditions, slang, and jargon that determine this adrenaline-pumping sport.


  1. Arm Pump: Exhaustion in the forearms, creating issue in gripping the handlebars.
  2. Berm: A elevated bank on the exterior of a corner, assisting in taking the convert.
  3. Endurocross: A hybrid motorbike competition on a track that mixes supercross, trials, and enduro racing.
  4. Fire Street: A broad, gravel-lined street generally applied by fire crews, normally ridden in enduro.
  5. Gnarly: Describes a part of path that is particularly rough, rocky, or hard.
  6. Goggle Fog: When a rider’s goggles fog up, obscuring eyesight.
  7. Challenging Enduro: An serious variety of enduro with far more demanding obstacles and technical sections.
  8. High Side: Dropping regulate and getting thrown in excess of the bike, usually to the outside the house of a turn.
  9. Holeshot: Staying the to start with rider to achieve the 1st flip right after the start of a race.
  10. Lug: To journey at a reduced RPM, relying on torque alternatively than pace.
  11. Roost: The grime and particles thrown into the air by the rear tire.
  12. Singletrack: Slender trails just huge ample for a person bike, often with tough terrain.
  13. Technological Segment: A component of the path necessitating specialized skill due to rocks, logs, or other obstacles.
  14. Throttle Manage: Exact control of the throttle to sustain balance and traction, especially in complex sections.
  15. Whoops: Successive bumps on a monitor that can be rhythmically ridden above.
  16. Yard Sale: A crash so rigorous that a rider’s gear and bicycle components are scattered as if for sale.

Conclusion: This Enduro Glossary offers you a look into the unique terminology of enduro and challenging enduro using. Whether or not you are a beginner finding out the ropes or a seasoned professional, being familiar with these phrases can enrich your appreciation of the sport and communication with fellow riders. Preserve this guide with you and embrace the trails!

Take note to Readers: Did we miss out on any terms that you imagine are critical? Leave a remark down below or call us at Enduro Channel, and we’ll make certain to consist of them in long term updates!

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